Why ADI Mobile Health?

ADI Mobile Health Advantages

ADI mobile clinics come fully equipped and ready to go.  They are designed to replicate the "in office" experience as closely as possible for both practitioner and patient. 

Our operational analysis and design expertise means that our custom floor plans are designed to meet the unique needs of your program and provide the following advantages.

  • 50+ combined years of international health equipment sales, design, and manufacturing experience.

  • ADI Mobile Health Clinics are designed to meet or exceed all local, national, and international codes and regulations (USDOT, CMVSS, FMVSS, RVI, NEC, CSA, etc.)

  • Our specific expertise in equipment modification and adaptation for mobile applications allows for maximum functionality and clinical reliability.

  • Service and technical advice is readily available via phone and/or email.

  • ADI designs are environmentally responsible and energy efficient.

  • Our Mobile Health Clinics have a proven, sustained resale value.

  • No CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) or Air Brake license is required.

ADI is Worldwide! 

See below for a map of all of the different locations ADI has delivered Mobile Health Clinics. 

Click on the map to get to an interactive version.

ADI Mobile Health Design, Build-Out, Customization, and Service Features

  • ADI Mobile Health Clinics provide a positive and efficient work environment for your staff and patients.
  • With our extensive dental and medical experience, ADI is able to provide practical and functional layouts for optimum use of space and operatory efficiency.
  • ADI is a full line dental equipment dealer, and cooperates with all major Dental Dealers. No other mobile clinic manufacturer has such a complete line.
  • ADI technicians are factory trained and certified for equipment modification, installation and repair (A-Dec, Planmeca, Beaverstate, Sci-Can, Dental EZ, Belmont, Cattani, Braun, HWH, etc). No other mobile clinic manufacturer has this level of multi-disciplined cross training.
  • ADI focuses on the functional details to make efficient healthcare services delivery a seamless continuation of the fixed clinical experience. Our goal is a positive, functional, and efficient clinical & work environment for your staff and patients.
  • We are proud to offer our clients extensive training in clinic operation and technical service. Annual refresher courses and onsite training for new staff are also available.
  • ADI has experience in remote diagnostics and interactive trouble shooting to minimize down time and keep your mobile clinic up and running.
  • ADI assists and advises on financing, program development, operations & logistics coaching, staffing / recruitment, implementation and roll-out. No other company gives you such a strong commitment to enable your success.
  • ADI designs are energy efficient and environmentally responsible. Our robust mobile clinics help you to reliably deliver outreach healthcare in local and remote locations.
  • All ADI Floor Plans are copyrighted® and registered. ADI vigorously protects these unique and highly detailed designs.
  • Cold Weather Freeze Protection (29° F/ <-1.6°C) or All Weather Freeze Protection (20°F / <-6.7°C) options are available.

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