Advanced Dynamo Industries is an innovative leader in high output, long life generators.

We designed the 416 Series Mobile Gasoline and the 415D Series Mobile Diesel Generators to be compact, quiet, powerful, and easy to maintain.

Advanced Dynamo Generator Features:

  • Advanced Dynamo 416 & 415D patented generator sets can be configured for 12.5kw (60 + 60 amps) to 17kw (70+70 amps), and 50/60 Htz.
  • Both gasoline and diesel generator sets are rated for up to 10,000 hours of continuous duty.  This means they can deliver a full load for 10,000+ hours (equivalent to 600,000 miles).
  • The easy to read digital display provides ready access to generator information.
  • The single sided service design allows for easy access. The generator does not have to be removed to be repaired or serviced.
  • Most generator parts are readily available from your local automotive store.
  • Advanced Dynamo generators produce very low vibration and sound (less than 63 decibels for the gasoline generator).  Our installation includes multiple isolated motor mounts and extensive use of sound insulating materials.
  • The Patented Roof exhaust and heat riser system eliminates the dangers of exhaust and carbon monoxide accumulating under the vehicle and entering the clinic through the entry door or windows.
  • Advanced Dynamo generators are EPA / CARB 2016 compliant.

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