Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability Goals:

To reduce waste,
think about the entire lift-cycle of the project.
Build it to last
Repairs should be as simple and inexpensive as possible.
Build from healthy
and sustainable materials

ADI Mobile Health Clinics Environmentally Sustainable Features Include:

  • Evidence Based Design: Interior layout provides an ergonomic and efficient clinical environment.
  • ADA Access: All ADI Mobile clinics may be equipped with a wheelchair lift. Our floor plans are designed to include enough space to maneuver a wheelchair.
  • ADI Mobile Clinics are an appropriate weight, have proper suspension & suitable power resources for the given application and net load.
  • Driver’s License: ADI Mobile Clinics do not require a CDL in most state & provincial jurisdictions, only a standard class “C” license is required.
  • Hospital grade aseptic fiberglass surfaces: Exterior & Interior fiberglass wall sheathing is easily disinfected, strong, light, and recyclable.
  • Insulation: ADI Mobile Clinics have high efficiency foam insulation. Ceiling = R25; Walls = R19, and Basement Compartments = R12.
  • Exterior Awnings provide shade and shelter with one touch operation and auto high-wind retraction. The support struts are high and cantilevered out of the way.
  • Insulated Glass Windows may be specified for “all weather” mobile clinics in extreme climates.
  • Low VOC finishes and adhesives are used throughout the interior of the clinic.
  • Laminated cabinets and partition walls are custom built, aseptic & durable. They are constructed of solid wood or NAUF plywood (no particleboard or MDF anywhere in the clinic).
  • Solid Surface Countertops: ADI specifies Samsung Staron solid surface countertops. Staron countertops are certified eco-friendly, are designed for durability and hygiene, and their “Recycled Series” is SCS Material Content Certified.
  • Lighting: ADI uses LED Energy Star 120VAC and 12VDC lighting with color temperature and lumen levels specifically designed for function, procedure, and staff operating environment.
  • HVAC: High efficiency, zoned and ducted roof mounted AC/Heat units with individually controlled micro registers are standard on all ADI Mobile Clinics. AC =15,000 BTU, Heat = 6,000 BTU. An optional feature is a condensate collection/ drain system. A Solar PV battery charger may be integrated into the system.
  • Standard PEX water plumbing pipes are robust, recyclable, & non-toxic.
  • 12VDC systems allow the use of the lowest power levels (where applicable) and add redundant power to critical refrigerators, HVAC, & lighting.
  • Flooring: ADI specifies hospital grade, non-slip, ADA compliant vinyl flooring. Flooring with recycled content is preferred.

Advanced Dynamo Generator Sustainable Features

  • ADyI Generators: Our custom built gasoline and diesel generators provide lean burn induction, clean exhaust (EPA/CARB 2016), are the quietest on the market (<63 DB gasoline, <66 DB diesel), have low vibration, low maintenance with 400 hours between synthetic oil changes, with local parts availability.
  • ADyI’s patented roof level exhaust/heat riser system for the generator (standard on ADI mobile clinics) disperses the exhaust above and behind the mobile clinic. This ensures that the generator exhaust does not enter from under the vehicle through entry doors or windows.  This provides greatly improved air quality for staff, clients, and family members. Industry exclusive!
  • Option of motor aid cabin heat from the generator is a great use of otherwise wasted heat. It reduces the carbon footprint of the mobile clinic and increases generator fuel utilization efficiency (in heating climates) by up to 30%!

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Winnebago Commercial Shell and Chassis Sustainable Features

  • Freightliner FRED Diesel Chassis: The FRED chassis is built in a “Zero Waste to Landfill” factory.  To learn more about the Freightliner chassis CLICK HERE.
  • Freightliner FRED Diesel Engine: The Cummins ISB 6.7L engine can run on Bio-Diesel fuel (up to 20% blend) and has near-zero emissions with the Cummins After-treatment System. Also includes On-board diagnostics to monitor and ensure clean operation and a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to meet EPA emissions standards.
  • Ford F-53 / F-550 Gasoline Chassis: Comes with a 50 State Emissions System standard. Ford has reduced the carbon dioxide emissions, water use and “Waste to Landfill” numbers at their manufacturing facilities consistently since 2011.  To learn more about the Ford chassis CLICK HERE.
  • Ford F-53 362 HP 6.8 L V-10 SEFI Triton© Gasoline Engine: Standard Sequential multiport electronic fuel injection (SEFI) means the fuel is used more efficiently and released emissions are lower.
  • Shell Construction: Interlocking reinforced Insulated Structural Panels (ISP) provide great strength, are light weight, easily repaired / replaced, and recyclable.
  • Vehicle walls, roof & end caps are individually replaceable leading to lower repair costs.
  • Commercial Weight Sub-floor consists of 1-1/8 inch solid plywood with full sheet seamless aluminum underlayment for supporting even the heaviest equipment, and total moisture separation.

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