Winnebago Industries Commercial Shell Features

Winnebago Industries Commercial Shells completed with ADI Mobile Health floor plans offer the most energy efficient value for cost in mobile health clinics.
The Winnebago Industries Commercial Shell is not a converted RV. This vehicle is built for ADI Mobile Health by the Winnebago Industries Commercial Shell Division specifically for long life and sustained heavy duty commercial use.


Manufacturing and construction features:

  • Winnebago's patented construction process uses their integral box construction with water tight, strong, interlocking geometry - partition walls are not required for stability.
  • Wall & roof frameworks are welded in laser aligned jigs.
  • Wall & ceiling units are Structural Insulated Panels (SIP's): an engineered, one-piece laminated system of fiberglass, plywood, and high density foam with embedded steel and aluminum reinforcements. SIP's deliver unsurpassed strength, insulation, and durability in a lightweight unit.
  • Individual wall & roof sections are independently repairable or replaceable if needed.
  • The commercial shell has high insulation values in the ceiling (R25), walls (R19), and basement compartments (R12).
  • Flat, full length ceiling geometry with easy to clean and rugged vinyl surface.
  • The one piece fiberglass roof includes a 10 year warranty.
  • Pre-routed wire paths are installed in the ceiling along with upper & lower chases for cabling runs (CAT6, remote x-ray, audio/video, etc.).
  • Full length integral in-wall metal "beltlines" (high, mid, & low) for secure attachment of cabinetry & equipment are standard.
  • Upper & lower full length HVAC continuous sealed ducting is built into the shell to keep the heating system within the thermal envelope.
  • A large, roomy, comfortable, walk-thru cab / driver’s area includes an all steel roll cage with roll bar.
  • The floor is flat throughout the interior - there are no wheel-well protrusions.
  • The sub-floor consists of 1-⅛ᵗʰ inch, marine grade plywood with a continuous aluminum under-layer.
  • Fully insulated, weather-tight locking basement compartments are included in the base chassis price.
  • An easily accessible engine & transmission compartment allows for single point service.
  • Includes an extensive North American (USA & Canada) Dealer warranty / service network (Winnebago Industries & chassis manufacturers).
  • Winnebago Industries commercial shells provide exceptional quality, comfort, a smooth ride, and superior drivability.
  • All electrical wiring is NEC / CSA certified.
  • No CDL is required to drive even the largest (WFJ38S) Winnebago commercial shell (CDL max: 11,000 kg for Canada / 26,000 lbs. for USA).

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